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Parenting is supposed to be hard… but not this hard.

You so badly want to be a good parent. But the methods, structure and systems  that parenting experts swear by just. don’t. work. At least not for this child. Whether it’s hours-long meltdowns, seemingly irrational behaviors, or every little thing feeling complicated, you’re worn out. Done. Finished. And I feel you.

Believe it or not your child wants to be a good kid. I’m here to help you become the best parent you can be to them.

Clinical Psychologist and Parent Educator

You’ve read every parenting book out there. But nothing works for this child.

Parenting your out of the box kid is a unique journey. You don’t have to walk it alone. Get practical tools, been-there-tried-that support, and the connection of community to parent your complex child.

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Ilyssa Bass Clinical Psychologist


Welcome to a safe, supportive space for moms just like us.

Parenting your complex/high-stress/differently wired child can be stressful, draining, costly and isolating. It can also inspire some of the deepest growth and joy you’ll ever experience.  Join me and a group of growth-oriented, intelligent and committed mommies who are raising complex kids in frum communities. 

Together we decode our kids behavior, support each other through change and help each other focus on everyone’s strengths. There is truly no community like it!

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Hi, I’m Ilyssa

I‘m a Psychologist and Parent Educator. But my greatest achievement and most important credential is my five unique and wonderful kids.

I believe behind every child’s greatest struggle is his greatest strength. And behind every parent’s greatest struggle is her greatest strength. I’m passionate about helping parents uncover those strengths and connect to their most difficult children.

After training as a clinical psychologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara and studying developmental psychology at Stanford University I thought I was super prepared to be a mommy. LIttle did I know….

My personal journey as the parent of a child with multiple hidden differences has given me deep compassion for parents raising complex kids. I know what it feels like to raise a child that popular parenting books are just not written for.

Ilyssa Bass Parent Educator

"You will find a wealth of wisdom, guidance and support in her approachable and compassionate teaching style"

-Rebbetzin Dina Scoonamaker, Speaker, Parent Educator,  and Mother of 7



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If you’re looking for validation, information and useful tips in raising your complex child. Welcome. You’ve come to the right place!

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You don’t have to walk the journey alone. Let’s do this together!


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